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Four fantastic speakers announced for The Connected Marketer Summit & Awards

One of the pleasures and challenges of programming your own events is that you get to pick the speaker line up. I have always enjoyed this and my default position is always to choose people I would want to listen to myself if I was in the audience. With this in mind I am delighted to say that I can confirm that the first four speakers at The Connected Marketer Summit & Awards will be (in alphabetical order):

  • Scott Brinker the publisher of which has become an essential destination for marketers looking to understand the role and impact of marketing technology. Scott will give us an overview of the developing marketing technology landscape and offer clear advice on how marketers should meet the challenges of building brand experiences through technology.
  • Dr Carl Marci is Chief Neuroscientist with Nielsen. Carl will be sharing some new thinking around the changing ways are brains are wired as connected individuals.
  • Thomas Marzano is Global Head of Design for Brand, Communication & Digital at Philips in the Netherlands. I first heard him speak 5 years ago and have always wanted to get him to an event. Thomas will talk about delivering brand experiences across physical and digital channels.
  • Kei Shimada is from Dentsu in Tokyo, where he is Director of Business Development & Product Innovation. I have heard Kei speak many times and at the Summit he will share perspectives on the role Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data in creating brand experiences.

That’s four fantastic speakers already and we are just finalising the remaining line up of brand leaders and MarTech innovators, all of whom will help bring The Connected Marketer to life.

We have room for two more speakers to join us, so if you think you can contribute to The Connected Marketer story and match the calibre of people we already have on stage, then we would love to hear from you. Just send us your submission

Learn more about the Summit & Awards here.