June 27 & 28, 2017

People are connected; your brand and marketing & sales capabilities should be too.  Join the Atlanta community to learn, teach and shape what it takes to be a Connected Marketer. 

Join Leading Brands

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As we enter the era of the connected individual, new opportunities and challenges are presenting themselves to your brand.  In the age of the connected individual, the success of your company’s brands maybe determined by every physical, digital, sensorial, and emotional interaction and reaction people have with your brand. The channels to reach, engage and serve people are changing, as are their expectations from your brand.  You and your organization must learn to master the four primary tasks, four-human dimensions and seven layers of connectivity. We must all learn to come together to become Connected Marketers.  Are you ready? Is your company? 

It takes a community to thrive in the in the era of the connected individual. No one can do it alone. Understanding the individual, creativity, storytelling, technical mastery, data superiority and a keen understanding of best practices, policies and regulations are needed to help your brand succeed. Most importantly, we must strive to create value for people, not from them; to serve the individual on the individual's terms.

The Connectivity X Festival is an opportunity to bring the Atlanta marketing community together so that we may all learn, get inspired and connect with each other.  

Why Atlanta?

Atlanta has a thriving marketing & MarTech community. With over 16 Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of innovative startups, a leading technology incubator and a robust academic community, it is a fertile ground for innovative business and marketing best practices.  The TCM Institute is looking to help bring it together.

History - Connectivity X Was Born in Atlanta

Following the initial success of the 2016 Mobile X Festival held by 60 Second Marketer, the TCM Institute Connectivity X Festival 2017 will bring together the leading minds of brands and MarTech providers for a fun-filled two-day festival where marketers will learn, get inspired, and connect.  Attend to learn the latest mobile and best practices for serving the connected individual, at scale.

Learn. Get Inspired. Connect.

Who Should Attend

  1. Marketing executives and business professionals looking to prepare their business, their teams and themselves for the future
  2. Information technology professionals wanting to see the world through a different lens
  3. Professors and students 

Why Attend 

  1. Understand the difference between the big data economy and personal information economy, gain access to resources and years of research in just a few hours 
  2. Understand the vectors influencing the trajectory and shape of the personal information economy and start mapping out your path
  3. Ideate and explore personal information economy uses cases and opportunities 
  4. Learn, get inspired and connect with your fellow professionals. 

Highlights from last year


The Connectivity X Festival was formerly the
Mobile X Festival in 2016. Check out what the attendees
had to say about the festival last year.