August 24, 2017


The TCM Institute Connectivity X Festival San Diego 2017 looks to bring the San Diego businesses, marketing technology, and academic communities together to learn, get inspired and to connect on the latest mobile and connected marketing best practices for serving the connected individual, at scale.

Day 1: Keynotes and roundtable discussion on how mobile and connectivity are shaping the individual’s experience and what business need to successfully serve the connected individual.


Learn. Get Inspired. Connect.

Who Should Attend

  1. Marketing executives and business professionals looking to prepare their business, their teams and themselves for the future
  2. Information technology professionals wanting to see the world through a different lens
  3. Professors and students 

Why Attend 

  1. Understand the difference between the big data economy and personal information economy, gain access to resources and years of research in just a few hours 
  2. Understand the vectors influencing the trajectory and shape of the personal information economy and start mapping out your path
  3. Ideate and explore personal information economy uses cases and opportunities 
  4. Learn, get inspired and connect with your fellow professionals. 

Highlights from Atlanta 2016


The Connectivity X Festival was formerly the
Mobile X Festival in 2016. Check out what the attendees
had to say about the festival last year.