Councils are an important part of a community, they help community members come together to lead and make a positive impact on the industry they serve.

Learn more about and join a TCM Institute council.

TCM Institute Cross-channel Messaging Council
The Cross-channel Messaging Council aims to frame the conversation, best practices, standards and policy around cross-channel messaging. The Cross-channel Messaging Council is chaired by Matt Silk, head of strategy, Waterfall and Rob Crews, Restaurant CMO, Crews Marketing.  

TCM Institute Personal Information Economy Council 
As people become more connected the lines between digital and physical are blurring, in fact our digital self may very well have more economic value than our physical self. The Personal Information Economy Council aims to frame the conversation, best practices, standards and policy around what it takes to markt to, serve, an individual on the individual's terms. The Personal Information Economy council is in the formation stage. If you'd like to be involved, contact Michael Becker at