April 26, 2017


Personal information is a new asset class.  It is the fuel powering modern economies around the world. In fact, personal information is powering the emerging multi-trillion-dollar personal information economy.

By 2020 digital identity, in Europe alone, may generate over 
$1.1 Trillion
USD in quantifiable benefits to industry and flow
as much as $708 Billion back to the individual
– Boston Consulting Group The Value of our Digital Identity – 2013 
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The personal information economy is in its third stage of evolutionary development; by 2020 we'll be entering the 4th stage of its development and will be faced with a new era of competition, the era of the connected individual. In this era, to thrive, businesses, marketers, must focus on "creating value for and with, not from individuals".  

"Prepare for engaging with individuals directly as they begin to
manage the exchange of their personal information directly with marketers." 

Analysts estimate that 500 companies have raised $2.5 billion in investment, so far, to enable new business practices and technologies to serve the individual, and this is just the beginning. 

In this half-day workshop we will explore what the personal information economy means to businesses, to marketers, and what they need to do to understand the personal information economy landscape, learn and shape the rules and thrive in the era of the connected individual.

Learn. Get Inspired. Connect.

Who Should Attend

  1. Marketing executives and business professionals looking to prepare their business, their teams and themselves for the future
  2. Information technology professionals wanting to see the world through a different lens
  3. Marketing and information technology professors and students 

Why Attend 

  1. Understand the difference between the big data economy and personal information economy, gain access to resources and years of research in just a few hours 
  2. Understand the vectors influencing the trajectory and shape of the personal information economy and start mapping out your path
  3. Ideate and explore personal information economy uses cases and opportunities 
  4. Learn, get inspired and connect with your fellow professionals.