The worlds longest list of links to super-useful marketing resources

Whether you are a novice looking for the basics or an expert digital marketer keeping abreast of the latest trends and best practice, it is critical to know the best sources for reliable information. These are the reference, research, tools and educational resources that mCordis recommends to our clients and to the marketers who attend our Professional Qualifications in Mobile Marketing courses.

Standards, guidelines & best practices

Industry associations and their members have worked hard to establish standards and guidelines in digital and mobile marketing. Whether or not your business is a member of these organization it is imperative that you abide by the guidelines.

Statistics, research and analysis

Essential resources – Must-read, follow and subscribe:
  • Think with Google: Our Mobile Planet – Incredibly useful interactive graphs, giving insights into how consumers use mobile technology around the world.
  • Stat Counter Global Stats – Bang up-to-date customizable graphs showing mobile/desktop web usage by operating system, manufacturer, browser, search engine, social media. Brilliant.
  • eMarketer – Stats-packed articles every
  • Google Consumer Surveys, a resource tool for putting out surveys to a nationally representative sample of consumers

Great resources – Best for: D= digital; S= social; M= mobile; B= business & retail; X= media & marketing:


Tools (Free, Freemium, Paid) for marketers and web experts

Useful marketing/mobile marketing tools that are free or offer a free trial:
Useful marketing/mobile marketing tools that are free or offer a free trial:
  • Funmobility – Mobile advertsising and engagment landing page platform
  • Kaywa – Create Quick Response (QR) codes
  • Litmus Software – mobile email testing, tracking and optimization services
  • MailChimp – Email newsletters (mobile friendly) free for up 2,000 subscribers, and to 12,000 emails per month.
  • Scanbuy – Create Quick Response (QR) codes.
  • Waterfall – SMS and MMS platform
Tools for testing mobile-friendliness of websites:
  • Google PageSpeed Insights – Tests how fast web pages load on mobile and desktop.
  • W3C mobileOK checker – Tests for compliance with W3C mobile web best practices.
  • mobi.Ready – Tests for compliance with W3C and dotMobi standards.
  • Mobile Emulators & Simulators – Mimics website experience on different devices.
  • Keynote, lets you test your mobile apps and web sites on real devices in the cloud through yoru browser (Free to Paid)
  • Siteliner, Find duplicate content, broken links, and more…
  • Moz, Helps manage your site rankings. web site errors, links, SEO, social, brand and conent optimization all in one place.
  • Copyscrape, helps you check if your content is original.
  • SEMrush, advanced keyword and search engine optimization tool.

News and opinion

Essential resources – Must-read, follow and subscribe:
  • Business Insider Tech – Excellent resource for all tech, digital, mobile and social news.
  • Mobile Marketer – The go-to site for mobile-marketing news, particularly on the US market.
  • Digital Summit – a series of US events that covers mobile marketing and more from the digital world


Best DSM blogs
Essential resources – Must-read, follow and subscribe:
  • eMarketer – Vital drip feed of stats-led posts from digital research experts.
  • HubSpot – Insightful articles focused on inbound marketing (websites, design, content, advertising).

Great resources – Best for: D= digital; S= social; M= mobile; B= business & retail; X= media & marketing: 

Email newsletters

Most of the DSM news and blogs sites, above, offer useful daily or weekly emails, but these are the essential reads:
Case studies
Also, be sure to check out the MMA, IAB, ANA and other trade groups.  They all have a great list of case studies.