The connected Marketer

The Connected Marketer is an overarching approach and methodology to building brand experiences in the age of the connected individual.


Enhance your brand through connected marketing strategies, consultancy and education

Tech Companies

Use connected marketing to master proposition development and go to market plans

Investment Companies

We can advise you on due diligence & private briefings  


Our education programmes provide you with greater customer insight and future think to help you progress

Boardroom & executive education

Marketing & Agency teams training

Learning options for all bussiness

We have educated over 1000 people through workshops, accredited training courses and presentations. 


Clients choose to work with us because we are neutral, international & exceptionally well connected

Our work supports brands, agencies, technology enablers and VC & PE firms

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think"

Albert Einstein

The rise of the connected marketer

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