The Rise of The Connected Marketer

A new approach to marketing

Introducing The Connected Marketer

Our behavior has changed. Digital technologies, particularly mobile, have, irrevocably, caused and enabled this change. By 2020 the average individual will have an estimated 10 connected devices and 140 sensors associated with them, by 2022 a household of four will have 55 connected devices. These connections impact how we communicate, work, play, shop, and consume. They impact our demands and expectations of what we want from businesses and how they should service us. In fact, we are not shoppers, consumers, voters, patients or constituents, all these terms are labels for states of activity. We are connected individuals.

The practice of marketing has struggled to keep pace with the changes discussed above. It is struggling to be of service to the connected individual, at scale. Traditional media has become less effective and less efficient. Individuals, in the tens of millions, are installing ad blockers. They are turning to businesses that bring products and services to them, rather than making them go the products and services. Again, their demands and expectations of businesses and marketers, is changing. Marketers, across all industries, are struggling to keep pace with this change and to find ways to develop the necessary capabilities to embrace and leverage the wealth of technology now available to help them be of service to individuals, at scale.

Pulvinar dapibus leo.

Against this backdrop, mCordis has developed a new approach for marketers to help them adjust to the new reality of being of service to the connected individual: The Connected Marketer™.

The Connected Marketer approach is not rooted solely in technology, or digital services. The principle idea behind The Connected Marketer approach is that marketers must learn to consciously manage the four human dimensions of the brand and product experience, the digital, physical, sensorial and emotional. In order to accomplish this, they must oversee the seven layers of connectivity—connection, collection, monitoring, analysis, prediction, synchronization, real-time service—within their marketing and product offerings. They must find where they fit within the lives of the individuals they serve.

In our FREE eBooks we introduce our perspectives on the rise of The Connected Marketer and the practice of connected marketing. We will discuss why the role of The Connected Marketer will become a dominant force for marketing going forward.

There is no monopoly on good ideas and it would not be possible for us to know everything about every aspect of marketing, including connected marketing. For this reason, we are inviting you, our clients, industry leaders and experts to contribute your thoughts on what being a connected marketer means to you and to share examples of how to execute and apply connected marketing to achieve business success.

It’s our intention to lead the connected marketing movement by developing approaches that support brands and the MarTech vendors that support them. We are looking to curate and co-create the best content we can find that advances both the thinking and execution of being a connected marketer. 

We welcome all feedback, every contribution, and, of course, each new connection.