The Connected Marketer

was formed in 2013* to meet the clear need to fill the knowledge gap that exists around making a success of techology in the marketplace.

The Connected Marketer

On one side we see marketers overwhelmed by the size, scope and pace of technological change and on the other side technology enabling companies struggling to get marketers to understand what they do. mCordis uses a combination of education and advisory services to bring these two sides together using Connected Marketing.

 Originally conceived as a mobile focused business, The Connected Marketer now focuses on the broader set of technologies being used in connected marketing. We have now worked with over 175 companies, educating over 500 people in person, over 30,000 online and speaking to thousands and conferences and events in more than 40 countries.


We have a unique, global and neutral perspective. One that was built by being at the heart of the mobile industry, the Mobile Marketing Association and related organisations. Our management team is international, informed, independent, and incredibly well connected. We have spent time working with companies from every part of the ecosystem in every part of the world.

We have spoken at hundreds of public and private events in more than 40 countries around the world, have organised, run and led mobile marketing events, and have published books, articles, commentary and thought leadership on mobile.

We have delivered mobile marketing strategy and training to some of the worlds biggest brands including Adidas, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, FedEx, Kraft, Pepsi, Pfizer, P&G and Unilever.

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