Schrödinger’s Marketing Plans

Thanks in part to ‘The Big Bang Theory’, many more people are familiar with the idea that something can be and not be simultaneously. Only by opening the metaphorical box do we discover if the cat is alive or dead. It is much the same way with new marketing ideas it seems; they can be both the best and worst idea you’ve ever had. Only by going live and sharing them with others will you really know if they work or not.

We are often paralysed by our fear of failure and so use the excuse that the ideas need further work before they can be shared. But there is a better way. Share them with people you trust and instead of asking if they like them, ask them to tell you what’s wrong with them. Give them permission to point out the flaws and errors. This is much easier and frankly more valuable feedback to give. Better still let those you trust and want to engage with, shape your ideas. It is a cliché to say it, but there is no monopoly on good ideas. In the collaborative economy we now have, there are so many more opportunities to improve our ideas, products and services by being open to the input of others.

We launched The Connected Marketer approach in July as a kind of thought leadership for mCordis. Within a month, client companies and others had encouraged us to create The Connected Marketer Institute. Now we have 46 members and those companies are both shaping the next stages of The Connected Marketer and of the Institute itself. Within the next week we will be announcing a new Council, driven entirely by member companies and their desire to collaborate together. Why take a look at the member companies and think how engaging with them can bring your ideas to life?

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