Connected Marketing has principles – 11 of them

Ever since we first published The Connected Marketer™ last July, journalists, partners, members, and clients have been asking us two key questions: what do the winners in connected marketing have in common and how can we apply their learning to our own business?

The practice of Connected Marketing is new and evolving. We have spent a huge amount of time with clients helping develop the approach and also looking a best in class examples like Starbucks and Sephora to reverse engineer how they are achieving their success. What we have discovered is that companies who are great at Connected Marketing share a set of common characteristics. We have grouped these together as the 11 Principles of Connected Marketing.You can download a free eBook outlining them here and you can also access three free eBooks explaining the theory and practice of The Connected MarketerTM approach by clicking the link below.

To help you grade just how good your brand is at connected marketing we have developed a short assessment that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. The assessment will help you match your own marketing efforts against these 11 principles.

We have already developed a set of workshops to help marketers understand the Connected Marketer approach but this is now developing into a full methodology, to take brands through a structured program to develop their connected marketing abilities.

Finally, we plan to announce a new exciting educational course in Connected Marketing this July to help marketers learn the principles and practice for themselves, so look out for further details in future Connexions.

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