The Connected Marketing equation

At the heart of the Connected Marketing approach is a very simple equation:

Physical + Digital + Sensorial = Emotional.

But actually this is too simple really. Because what counts is not just having those connections, but the connections between the experiences there. And even then, they don’t guarantee your consumer will form an emotional connection with your brand. The emotional connections are of course highly desirable because they are most likely to lead to brand advocacy. When people really love the collected experiences they have, that’s when they are most likely to become positive advocates on your behalf. Conversely a failure to join up the experiences or deliver them in a consistent manner can lead to brand detractors being just as vocal as their opposite numbers.

We should always start by considering our capability to orchestrate merged brand experiences. Can we actually deliver something equally good in person as the experience we have online? Does our customer service app experience align with the in store experience and so on? We can all name brands where one part of the experience is completely out of sync with the rest and it is often this element that stands out the most for us.

If we can’t do it alone, then who can help us? It is hard to answer that without knowing the parts of the experience that are broken, what expectations we failed to meet, where is the friction in our experiences, how do we fill those gaps?

Knowing the equation is only a starting point. Showing your working out is critical if you want to get full marks.

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